Bur Oak Resources: Providing Standard Solar Power and Wind Turbine Products in Sudbury

January 04 00:42 2023
Bur Oak Resources, a reputable green technology-focused company, provides wind turbines and solar power solutions in Sudbury, Canada.

With effective green technology solutions, businesses and homes can have safe and cost-effective access to energy. Bur Oak Resources is a leading green technology company committed to providing energy-saving products and services. The green technology-focused company offers highly effective renewable energy solutions to clients that are trusted and affordable. They have been providing wide-ranging clients with their products, and their goal is to ensure that every one of their clients receives solutions that are in line with their needs. Some of their products include solar devices, LED outdoor lighting, wind devices, biofuel devices, energy efficiency, generators, energy star steel roofing, and battery banks.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of Bur Oak Resources commented, “The name Bur Oak Resources is derived from the mighty Bur Oak tree, as this tree is known to have distinct qualities and also very majestic in appearance. We specialise in renewable resources, and this is where we derived the last part of our company name. You can count on us to provide you with products and services that are of top quality. We are committed to providing clients with innovative solutions that are resourceful and highly effective.”

At Bur Oak Resources, they specialise in natural resources, which are replenished by natural procedures with time. Some of the natural resources they specialise in include wind, radiation, and running water. They are always particular about providing their clients with innovative green solutions that are modern and appropriate for both homes and offices. The renewable energy-focused company offers products including net metering, panels/modules, BIPV, grid tie inverters, charge controllers, mounting solutions old, and e-panels. Their Building-integrated photovoltaics (BPIV) are materials that are employed in replacing conventional building materials in different parts of the building envelope, including facades, roofs, and skylights. The OutBack Power Radian GS Load Centers are one of their solar e-panel tools, which are an integrated connection enclosure series for AC and DC system connections. Therefore, those interested in solar power in Canada can contact the company for their products.

The spokesperson added, “Part of our solar products are mounting solutions which consist of rooftop products, trackers, pole top mount, ground mount, and car port. We have grid tie inverters such as the Bergey Wind Power PowerSync II equipment, which is a UL 1741-certified Utility Interactive Inverter. It is also the standard for interconnecting distributed resources with electric power systems. We also have wind products from Kelso Energy Ltd. Their focus is to provide dependable, proven, and economical solutions for growing sustainable energy markets. Our Bergey Wind Power wind product, known as the Bergey Excel 15, which is made with state-of-the-art technology, has two moving parts, a 31-foot rotor diameter, and carbon fibre blades.”

Bur Oak Resources also offers services such as system design & consultation, site analysis, building packages, and off-grid systems.

About Bur Oak Resources:

Bur Oak Resources is a leading green technology company providing wind turbines in Sudbury and other products.

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Bur Oak Resources.

North Bay – Main Office
160 Pinewood Park Dr North Bay, ON P1B 8Z4
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4480 Elysee Crescent, Greater Sudbury, Ontario, P3P 1B2
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Manitoulin Island
235 Frawleys Lane, Mindemoya, Ontario, P0P 2C0
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Email: sales@bur-oak-resources.ca
Website: https://bur-oak-resources.ca/

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