Template Site Or Individual Design: Selection Criteria Explained

August 16 16:16 2022

Web developers perfectly understand the pains of the customer’s choice: they want a beautiful, and even more, an exclusive site at an inexpensive price. To help you make a decision, let’s compare two offers — a site based on a template and a site with an individual design.

By contacting a good custom software development company, you will immediately complete several tasks, namely:

  • you will create a unique product to which you can make a mobile application that will increase the sales of your business.
  • you will be able to control all stages of development, making adjustments along the entire creation path
  • get quality service and further scalability if you need it

Individual development of the site

In this case, the web resource is created according to the needs of the customer: a unique design, wide functionality is developed, and the marketing component is developed.

Without a doubt, a brand or company will be better represented on the Internet if the site is developed taking into account the specifics and needs of business development. Such web resources will be able to work better to achieve the set goals.

It is worth noting the following advantages.

  1. There are no limits in graphic design and functionality.
  2. A custom designed site is flexible and can expand and grow with the business it represents.
  3. For a web resource of individual development, it is easier to carry out SEO and promotion of the site in search engines.
  4. An individual development is simply necessary for an online store website.

Among the shortcomings (of course, they exist), the following can be noted.

  1. The cost of individual website development is higher than that of a template, since web developers perform a larger amount of work. Designer services make up the lion’s share of the price.
  2. Work on a unique project lasts a long time, at least a month.

Template type of site development

Popular platforms offer many free and paid template solutions for creating sites, in addition, each web studio has its own add-on for different types of web resources.

It is obvious that the price of a template site is quite democratic, since it does not include the work of a designer. In order to publish a website, you need to replace the color, font, upload images and logo, perhaps adjust the structure a little, fill the pages with content.

Pros and cons of template sites

A template site is often a great option for simple projects, such as a business card site.

Advantages of such a web solution:

  • Low price. Using a template means that a significant part of the work has already been done by the developer. Made once is sold to many customers. For example, a business card site can cost just a couple of hundred u.e.
  • Speed ​​of implementation. Again, the template site is quick to make because most of the coding is done. A template site can usually be launched within a few weeks if the content is completely ready (however, it is often the content preparation delays that become a significant barrier to a quick site launch).
  • Possibility of customization. The patterns are getting more and more complex. The best templates are well thought out and allow for extensive customization.

A template site can be characterized as a quick result for little money. Of course, the price of the site increases if additional refinements are needed to get something more than a typical solution.

But you should also know about the disadvantages.

  • A template site will not be unique, it may be one of many copies made on the same template.
  • There are some limitations in graphic design, navigation and functionality.
  • Templates taken from web platforms need regular updates, otherwise they risk becoming outdated.
  • There may be security issues. Template websites are especially attractive to hackers because they can hack multiple sites with a single piece of code.

What to choose?

It cannot be said unequivocally for every case that a template is bad, and a site with a unique design is good. A cheap and simple site does not mean that it is of poor quality. Having an expensive exclusive design is not a guarantee that users will immediately like it. They value above all the quality of information on the pages, logical structure, correct placement of elements and ease of use.

Both a template resource and a unique development can adequately cope with business tasks.

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