Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic To Accept CryptoCurrency As a Form Of Payment

May 24 20:51 2022
Dr. Michael Omidi and Pacific Medical Health Group will begin accepting Bitcoin and Etherium as a form of payment as of May 1, 2022.

The past decade has seen blockchain, non-fungible tokens, and cryptocurrency transform into a global phenomenon as millions of people around the globe embrace these innovations. Reacting to this development, many companies are announcing their decision to recognize crypto and accept Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. 

According to reports, the adoption rate is rapid. A study conducted by an accounting firm, Skynova, indicates that one in three small business owners in the U.S. already accept cryptocurrency. 

Against this backdrop, leading plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Omidi (pronounced OH-MI-Dee) is announcing that patients will now be able to pay for all cosmetic and reconstructive procedures offered by Beverly Hills clinic – Pacific Med Health Group.

This move is coming on the heels of the growing popularity of cryptocurrency over the years and its penetration into different industries and niches, including those cosmetic procedures and luxury products. Having witnessed the ongoing revolution, world-renowned facial and body plastic surgeon Dr. Omidi believes that it can be leveraged for the clinic’s diverse patient population around the world. 

“We wish to accommodate patients that wish to use cryptocurrency on items besides investments or stocks, which is becoming standard to many businesses in the future,” explains Dr. Omidi.

A study through Bitpay found that Bitcoin holds several compelling advantages, including lower transaction costs and increased chances of attracting new clients who may wish to pay with the cryptocurrency. Here are some facts to know:

• Los Angeles ranks among the leading U.S. cities for 1) crypto-ATMS, 2) the number of restaurants that accept crypto 3) the number of local retailers that accept crypto. 

• Governor Newson singed into executive order to embrace cryptocurrency and move to regulate it

• Elon Musk is a big proponent of cryptocurrency often making pronouncements of what coins Tesla will accept.

• A man wanted to excavate a landfill in an effort to find his discarded hard drive containing 7500 bitcoins. 

• Athletes, politicians, and employees across different sectors can now receive full or part of their packets in the form of crypto. 

• El Salvador is the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. 

According to Dr. Omidi, due to the emergence of reliable forms of digital wallets alongside the transparency that blockchain offers, patients can now easily and safely make full or partial payments using cryptocurrency. “Cryptocurrency and blockchain backbone are the next phase of technology and will be a huge part of how businesses will be utilizing in the future,” he said. 

While there are concerns about the high volatility and fluctuating market rates of crypto, patients who choose to use Bitcoin for payments will be able to convert their digital currency into other assets securely and instantly. An extra perk to using this new payment option is eliminating cases of fraudulent chargeback claims made each year.

Pacific Med Health Group.and Dr. Michael Omidi have been in operation since 2005, offering surgical and non-surgical treatment options for different body areas, including the nose, face, breast, body, and more. 

Trained in Northwestern University Hospital, Dr. Michael Omidi is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial and body rejuvenation, reconstructive surgeries, and complex rhinoplasty procedures. With a wealth of experience spanning 20 years, Dr. Omidi is recognized as a notable expert in cosmetic and reconstructive facial and body plastic surgery with clients worldwide, including celebrities, executives, physicians, and royalties. 

Pacific Med Health located at 9735 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 650, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Visit for more information or to schedule your consultation. Alternatively, you can call 310.2810155. 

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