Canine friends, get a dedicated App with Only Dogs

January 13 23:54 2022
Only Dogs is a free social media app developed exclusively for dogs, pet lovers, dog parents and any organization and business associated with the canine industry in the world.

Québec City, Canada – January 13, 2022 – Dog lovers and parents love to post adorable pictures of their furry friends all over their Facebook and Instagram profiles. But, how about an exclusive social media that will be uniquely dedicated only to the pawsome pals? Sounds too cool to be true, right? Well, a doting pet dad, Michael Couture, has recently launched an innovative social media app that is exclusively dedicated to dogs. Named “Only Dogs”, the app aspires to create a bustling community of dog lovers all across the world. 

Only Dogs is currently available on both Google Play and Apple Stores. The app is completely FREE to install and use. 

In an exclusive interview, Michael shared that Only Dogs is a social app for the dog lovers and by a dog lover. The app welcomes all people and organizations associated with dogs, including but not limited to dog owners, dog shelters and rescues, dog lovers, behavior specialists, vets, dog products companies, and so on.

“If you are a dog lover or a dog parent, you must have the adorable habit of filling up your social media feeds with pawsome pictures. Now, isn’t it true that you have often thought of having a social media just for the dogs to ensure an exclusive ‘social’ platform for them? Well, as a dog lover I wanted something similar for a long time and when I couldn’t find any, I decided to develop something of my own as a tribute to my furry friends. Thus, Only Dogs was born”, stated Michael.

Only Dogs is like a mix of Facebook and Instagram but for dogs. The app will help you to connect with thousands of dogs, packs, and shelters as well as with people and organizations associated with the canine industry. We are driven by the mission to create a dog’s community with all contributors – dog shelters, vets, trainers, and dog products companies etc. – in the same place.” 

Only Dogs allows users to post videos and photos of dogs. Then, like other social media platforms, users can join groups that match with their interests, such as dog breed, agility, canicross, and so on. For example, users can join a group with local fellow pet parents and they can share updates regarding common interests. Pet parents can share their daily dog life on Only Dogs as they do on Instagram. 

Speaking on, Michael stressed that Only Dogs will also help to facilitate shelter dogs in need of adoption.

“We invite Dog Shelters to post their dogs for adoption. As Only Dogs is exclusively about dogs, the adoption posts will receive a more focused attention and higher exposure than what you would get on generic social media platforms. We want to give them a better chance to find a new home.” 

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