Financely Group Set To Conquer New Territories Across The Globe

January 13 18:38 2022
Financely Group Set To Conquer New Territories Across The Globe
Leading corporate finance consulting firm, Financely Group, announces plans to expand to more parts of the world.

The team at Financely Group is reiterating their commitment to delivering custom corporate-, trade finance and investment banking solutions to as many clients as possible, with the company recently announcing plans to expand to more regions in different parts of the world. Financely Group has grown to become a leading name in the financial services industry; helping clients put in place strategies to enable them to achieve their financial goals.

One of the major challenges faced by businesses across the globe is accessing finance. The seemingly limited access to traditional forms of financing can further make growth costly, especially for startups and other relatively small companies. Factors such as instability, political and economic risks, and high-interest rates can make it difficult for businesses to prioritize investment in people and infrastructure, with stats revealing that 50% of businesses fail within the first five years substantiating this claim. However, Financely Group is working tirelessly to reverse these figures by helping businesses to raise capital without paying exorbitant rates.

The corporate finance consulting firm works with different categories of clients, such as companies that are in emerging markets finding it difficult to raise capital. Financely Group has already built a reputation as the financing partner for businesses and the firm looks poised with taking their expertise to more clients across the globe.

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