Opportunities and Prospects for Global Clean Energy in Development

January 11 00:33 2022

During the operation of the CETP digital transformation plan initiated by the IEA World Energy Organization, the IEA has formulated a series of plans for IEAC, such as comprehensive policies, market design, innovative business models and new business ecosystem systems!

IEAC aims to complete the IEA digital transformation plan and is also an important executor in bringing global clean energy into the digital age.

IEAC is currently recruiting investors and managers worldwide. With infrastructure in developing countries around the world, all energy-generated gains will benefit global investors through IEAC new business model! At the same time, IEAC is making preliminary preparations for the later decentralized digital energy and global application of digital energy!

In the future development of clean energy, IEAC will bring new opportunities and development to all industries and people around the world who pay attention to energy transformation!

People have connections, and a million annual salary is waiting for them

Millions of annual salaries are in hand; networking continues to follow them

IEAC invites people:

Maintain the global environment

Share trillions of wealth!

Trillions of wealth are shared globally:

CETP, the global clean energy transformation plan initiated by the World Energy Agency IEA, is based on the needs of the rapid development of global clean energy transformation, and the digital transformation operation platform IEAC is built, in line with the policies of countries around the world. Online promotion managers are now open for global open recruitment.

Priority recruitment:

1. Those with team management experience.

2. Those with market expansion ability and experience.

3. Positive energy people who are willing to pay action for global environmental protection and low-carbon undertakings.

Promotion Manager Treatment:

Dividend income, market income, investment income, node income and other stable income that continues to grow, the annual income easily exceeds 1 million.

Million Manager, He Can! They can do it too!

All consensus figures from all countries around the world who are concerned about the clean energy transition and environmental protection are welcome to participate together.

Maintain the global human living environment and create sustainable income for personal undertakings.

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