Sorosis Mini3 Sleep Aid Device – A Boon for People who Suffer from Insomnia

September 15 17:36 2021
Sorosis Mini3 Sleep Aid Device - A Boon for People who Suffer from Insomnia
Sleep aid device that applies CES to help with anxiety and depression while making users sleep better and faster

Lepow International LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of its sleep aid device – Sorosis Mini3 Sleep Aid Service. Sorosis Mini3 is a device dedicated to improving the sleep of users. The device applies Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) technology that helps to gently calm the mind. CES is an FDA-approved, drug-free technology that is usually applied in mental health therapy to help the brain secrete hormones and improve mental health. It has now been applied to sleep improvement. 

The Sorosis Mini3 comes with electrodes that can be clipped to users’ earlobes before sleep. This assists the user to fall asleep 10-30 minutes quicker by adapting brainwaves from Beta to Alpha.

The Sorosis Mini3 device also helps users with anxiety and depression. It uses a micro-current to stimulate the brain to secrete sleep-inducing hormones, which help increase pleasure and relaxation and alleviate insomnia.

With Sorosis Mini3 sleep aid device users can also achieve quality and longer sleep without sleep breaks or incessant waking. The device generates a dynamic, customized sleep-improving scheme that helps the user sleep like a baby according to the monitored sleep data.

“After using Mini3 continuously for 4 days, I can really feel the improvement to my sleep. Now I fall asleep quicker than before and sleep longer,” says Joseph Green, a Sorosis Mini3 user. “It has a tingling sensation. But not that strong. I got sleepy earlier than before,” a Sorosis Mini3 user revealed. 

“I used to have awakenings during the night. But now I can have a continuous night’s sleep,” says MC Daniel, another Sorosis Mini3 user.

The Sorosis Mini3 also comes with a caring alert where as soon as the monitor detects anomalies like heart arrest and apnea, it will immediately trigger the app on the user’s phone to send an alert to their family through vibration and sound.

With Sorosis Mini3, users can also enjoy the services of a personal sleep advisor as well as having a sleep tracker.

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