Introducing SendZEN – New Remote Working Software To Mail USPS Documents Virtually

February 23 01:15 2021

Introducing SendZEN

SendZEN is a turn-key solution for small and large professional service businesses to send mail (USPS) faster, cheaper, and with more advanced features than standard mail service providers. SendZEN’s state-of-the-art technology allows companies multiple ways to seamlessly integrate advanced mail software into existing workflows, creating efficiencies in mail creation, processing and sending like never before.

In it’s most basic form, SendZEN allows lawyers, accountants, chiropractors, doctors and other professional service practitioners and small businesses to instantly send mail from their computer, without the hassles of printing documents, stuffing envelopes, dealing with stamps,or wasting time at the post office. Users can simply upload documents, input recipient addresses or select a mailing group, choose their mailing type (i.e. First Class, Certified or Certified Return Receipt) and start sending. 

Some of the more advanced features include the following:

• Adding multiple documents into one mailing by simply uploading one document after another. The documents will be automatically merged together and then sent in a single mailing;
• Easy contact upload The system allows users to upload contacts from Outlook, Google, and multiple CRMs to further expedite multi-recipient mailings;
• Automated email notifications from the minute users send a piece of mail until delivery;
• Advanced tracking where each recipient receives separate tracking event notifications;
• Users can also choose to have tracking event notifications sent to the email address(es) of the mail recipient(s) as well;
• Centralized database for users to obtain complete mail history and mailing cost breakdowns;
• Users can obtain automatically generated proofs of service for each mailing;
• Electronic Return Receipts, Wet & e-Signatures are automatically captured and stored in the account as well.
• Users can quickly and repeatedly send mail to a group of individuals or companies without the painstaking process of printing documents and creating envelopes for each individual recipient

Why Use This Product?

By completely outsourcing the mail sending process, SendZEN has the ability to save the small or solo professional service practitioner substantial time, money and hassle normally associated with printing documents, stuffing envelopes, filling out address information and physically getting mail to the USPS.

Work Remotely

• Professional service businesses with remote staffs can now mail documents at any time from anywhere in the world.

Save Money

• No more postage.
• No more envelopes.
• Save on ink and paper.
• Cost savings on many domestic mailings.
• Labor costs.

Save Time

• Never again print documents or prepare and stuff envelopes.
• Say goodbye to the post office, users don’t have to leave their desk to send something.
• Send multiple mailings to multiple recipients with a single click.
• Leveraging SendZEN allows users to focus on the more critical parts of their business.


• No stressing about delivery.
• Track in real-time all digital and postal mailings from one application.
• Time-stamped Proof of Mailing, Proof of Delivery, wet and electronic signatures are auto-merged with copies of mailed documents.

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