Linda Alessandro, Health and Wellness Guru Unveils Disruptive Online Fitness and Wellness Portal

January 21 21:09 2021
Online Virtual Fitness and Wellness portal for individuals seeking affordable long-term solutions without “breaking the bank.”

BOCA RATON, FL – JAN 21, 2021 – Linda Alessandro, founder, and CEO of Body Wellness® Fitness and Management, Inc. and a noted health and wellness guru, has announced that its subsidiary Body Wellness® Online will offer The Triune of Health℠, a disruptive Online Virtual Fitness and Wellness portal for individuals and groups seeking affordable long-term solutions without “breaking the bank.”

More than 30 years in development, the Triune of Health℠ brings a level of knowledge and sophistication that most experts familiar with the Triune believe is a lot more useful than the million-dollar corporate wellness programs it has sometimes been compared to. The Triune of Health ℠ brings a three-step holistic approach that combines the best of Eastern wisdom, Ayurvedic methods, and Western science.

The Triune of Health℠ is founded on a holistic approach to wellness. The pillars of the program are, Fitness, Nutrition, & Mindfulness. This protocol provides the most effective formula for adopting a healthy way of life and creating a lasting sense of physical and emotional well-being. In the process, participants are inspired to feel that they can finally make lifelong changes that become a lifestyle.

“Far too many people are just getting through the day because most haven’t had restful sleep,” Ms. Alessandro observes, “exercise is beneficial, but is only part of the picture, a long-term nutritious diet along with rest and relaxation form a complete approach to health. But too many people exist on a diet high in refined sugar, which is an invitation for weight gain and the onset of chronic disease.”

Body Wellness® provides a wellness advocate that has participants’ best interests at heart and will help get one started on a path to improvement. At the onset, an experienced Body Wellness® Online Advisor will help individuals to choose the right program for them. Personalized classes, coaching, and private online health assessments set and complete “makeable” goals and encourage clients at every level. This “high touch” assistance whenever needed differentiates the program from other online wellness offerings.

“The Triune of Health℠ is a great resource,” adds Ms. Alessandro. “Trying to break old habits and create new lifestyles is not always easy. There is almost too much information out there, some of it contradictory. Our program provides an internal support system that can set people on the correct path to realize their wellness goals and provide the quality-of-life people deserve and desire.”

About Linda Alessandro

Ms. Alessandro is a successful entrepreneur and an expert on diet, exercise, and mindfulness and is focused on helping people walk the path to a long and healthy life.

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