US Steam Vac helps food producers put an end to gluten cross contamination.

November 20 04:04 2020
US Steam Vac helps food producers put an end to gluten cross contamination.

This image shows the Blue Evolution XL+ at work cleaning and preventing cross contamination.
US STEAM VAC helps food producers finally put and end to gluten cross contamination. This same level of protection will work at home as well. Steam Cleaners that meet the high standards set by the CDC guidelines can destroy viruses and germs on contact.

Whether it is nuts, soy, lactose, or gluten; many people suffer from food intolerance or allergy. With proper hygiene during food preparation, those affected by food allergies can still experience the full enjoyment of chocolate, pastries can also offer gluten-free and lactose-free chocolate-coated fruits and lactose-free chocolate-coated fruits and cereals in its product range. The enormous challenge is the same conveyor belts and machines are used for all production lines, there is a risk of contamination with allergies. To optimally prevent this, smart pastry chefs use the HACCP and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified Blue Evolution XL+ cleaning system made of stainless steel designed by Beam of Germany. The multi-functional cleaning machine is proven by achieving excellent sanitization test results and does not require any aggressive cleaning agents, plus saves the staff a lot of time when cleaning between food preparation.

Since this same process can work to prevent issues with other food allergies, it can be an excellent resource for anyone that seeks to prevent issues with food contamination. Even as a parent we must consider things like peanut allergies which can have severe reactions. Just baking at home can present dangers that these impressive steam systems can help anyone avoid.

What is even more impressive are the results at killing viruses and illness causing contamination on surfaces. The Blue Evolution XL provides the level of steam pressure and heat required to even kill dangerous germs and bacteria.

Many business owners have switched to steam for their public areas since COVID-19 became a concern. Steam has many advantages. It is odorless and can even help remove odors. Too many chemicals used in cleaning leave a harsh smell. Quality steam cleaning systems that are powerful enough, leave only a hint of water behind, and clean like few other processes can. Not all steam cleaning systems are the same. Few qualify for HACCP and NSF certification. That is important because you want a system that can clean very well, but also meets the high standards for food and sanitation set by these organizations.

Be careful when choosing your equipment and look for certified equipment that will work to address all of your concerns. This is true if you are producing food on a production line, or at home for loved ones. It goes beyond food preparation for everyday safety. The same heat and pressure that can tear apart the walls of gluten can also tear apart a virus cell and destroy it on most surfaces.

The CDC provides this information when considering using steam (heat) to kill the flu and other illnesses on surfaces. Flu viruses are killed by heat above 167° F.  The Blue Evolution produces steam that is 363° F. To obtain one of these amazing units just visit USSTEAMVAC.

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