Martin & Chelsea Matthews Empower Families To Build An Unbreakable Financial House

October 17 02:18 2020
The Matthews offer a practical common-sense approach to help clients increase their financial literacy and improve their financial condition

Martin and Chelsea Matthews are the founders of M Wealth Group, a newly launched financial services agency, leveraging their combined nineteen years’ experience in the financial industry. While the entrepreneurial couple operate several businesses, their focus is on helping clients flourish and prosper through financial literacy.

They define an unbreakable financial house as having each area of your finances in such a strong condition that changes in the economy, your active income or even a major illness could not destroy your finances.

“The pandemic revealed what we’ve been saying for years – that families are not as prepared as they could be to handle major interruptions to their income.” – Martin says.

In their popular book, “Let’s Fight About Money” they discuss how getting on the same page as a family makes it easier to build stronger finances. They also introduced readers to their 6 building blocks to an unbreakable financial house: Cash Flow, Debt Management, Reserves, Proper Protection, Build Wealth and Build Legacy.

Financial stress in the home is listed as the primary cause of conflicts and divorce. The Matthews help families build stronger finances, fulfilling their mission to improve the overall quality of people’s lives.

As licensed financial professionals, they apply the same fundamentals with their clients who are business owners, empowering them to build stronger businesses that continually expand and hire more people.

They create specific plans based on their clients’ main financial concerns and help them achieve measurable results.

“According to Gallup, 2 out of 3 adults are financially illiterate. Not knowing how money works impacts so many areas of our lives. By increasing their knowledge, people can take greater responsibility and have more control over their financial prosperity,” remarks Chelsea.

Having and operating with correct information increases people’s chances of financial success. An organized approach and accountability ensure their financial house grows stronger. This is the daily mission of The Matthews and their team: helping families build an unbreakable financial house and create the life they truly desire.

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