Behavior Pioneers, LLC Offers ABA Therapy to Help Kids with Autism Succeed

October 16 01:09 2020
Behavior Pioneers, LLC Offers ABA Therapy to Help Kids with Autism Succeed

Center-Based ABA Therapy in Carrollton TX – Behavior Pioneers
Behavior Pioneers, LLC, the ABA Therapy Center in Dallas, TX Offers Evidence-Based Interventions for ASD. They Offers ABA Therapy to Help Kids with Autism Succeed

Dallas, TX – October 15, 2020 – An Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis is often the beginning of a long and arduous journey for any family. Most parents go through the process of evaluating numerous types of treatments and solutions to decide what will work best for their child. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a child behavior therapy in Dallas that has shown evidence of its efficacy through several research studies. Autism services in Dallas, Texas area from Behavior Pioneers include ABA therapy provided by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

Academic Research

Individuals with ASD rarely ever present identical symptoms. From problems in communication, language, and essential life skills, to display of repetitive, negative, or destructive behaviors, and a restricted range of interests, each child may face a unique set of challenges. Although Autism has no cure, the use of supportive therapies, play therapies, or developmental research-based treatments has shown promising results, especially in children who receive long-term and sustained therapy. The intervention with the most scientific evidence of success is ABA therapy.

Behavior Pioneers, an Autism treatment center with Autism services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Carrollton, TX uses the evidence-based ABA therapy in Dallas TX for building a better future for children with ASD and their families. They focus on reducing challenging behaviors, and building social and life skills that promote improved function and independence. It is a two-pronged approach. Their team of BCBAs develops and supervises personalized programs and interventions that cater to the individualized needs and goals of participants. Their Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) provide in-home or center-based 1-to-1 therapy to children with ASD. Through carefully planned techniques, the experienced ABA therapists at Behavior Pioneers teach children with Autism the social, verbal, motor, and reasoning skills that they may not develop in the same manner as neurotypical individuals.

Brian Tanenbaum, owner and clinical director at Behavior Pioneers says, “Over the last 40 years, there are numerous studies that show how ABA interventions help kids with Autism succeed. As ABA specialists, we ourselves have a deep understanding of this therapy and have seen some amazing results by applying ABA principles and techniques in individuals with ASD.” Tanenbaum draws our attention to a host of scientific studies and academic research that provides empirical evidence about the effectiveness of ABA in helping individuals with Autism. For example, the Hagopian and Boelter study shows how ABA-based procedures successfully reduce problem behaviors and increase life skills for individuals with Autism or related disorders. The Reichow B. et al study indicates that using an ABA approach from prior to age 4 and for more than 20 hours per week significantly improves development of kids with ASD. In time, it also reduces the need for special services. The Eldevik et al study that looks at the community implementation of ABA-based Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions (EIBI) concludes that higher the intensity of therapy, better the outcomes. Certain studies also show that with early diagnosis and intensive ABA therapy, some children with ASD overcome their symptoms completely.

“We have complete conviction in the benefits and effectiveness of ABA therapy in helping kids with ASD succeed in every sphere, including academics and job-related tasks. The autism therapy Fort Worth TX is even more impactful when the parents, teachers, and caregivers of the child with ASD imbibe and replicate these tools and techniques in day-to-day living, beyond the formal therapy sessions. It is my firm belief that parenting a child with Autism is not all about challenges or stumbling blocks. Instead, it is an opportunity to defy convention through innovative, ABA therapy-based solutions and behavioral interventions that promote your child’s success at every stage of life,” concludes Tanenbaum.

In addition to the BCBA or RBT qualifications, the child behavior therapists at Behavior Pioneers bring a depth of credentials and experience. This includes Master’s degrees in Special Education, Educational Psychology, Child Development and Early Childhood Disorders and Low Incidence Disabilities and Autism.

The highly experienced team at Behavior Pioneers believes that while there is sufficient evidence to prove the effectiveness of ABA-based interventions in treating kids with Autism, the importance of families getting involved in the ABA process cannot be overstated. When the parents, siblings, teachers, and caregivers of the child with ASD participate in the ABA approach wholeheartedly, there is every possibility of seeing the most optimum results of this powerful therapy. As champions of the evidence-based ABA therapy, the experts at Behavior Pioneers continue to bring about meaningful and long-lasting changes for improving the lives of children with ASD.

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Behavior Pioneers, LLC, an Autism treatment center with Autism services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Carrollton, TX uses the evidence-based ABA therapy in Dallas TX for building a better future for children with ASD and their families.


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