Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. Now Offers Affordable Mold Remediation and Mold Inspection Services in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

October 14 15:39 2020
Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. Now Offers Affordable Mold Remediation and Mold Inspection Services in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

Falls Church, VA – Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. has been in the business of helping property owners to maintain their properties, keeping them at the best possible safety and health quality standards for years. Focused on meeting the needs of more customers who require top quality services provided at affordable rates, the company is proud to announce the expansion of its services to now include mold inspection and mold remediation services offered to Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. residents.

Announcing the expansion of the services offered to those areas, the spokesperson for Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. said, “Most mold removal companies use invasive measures to treat mold’s presence which often includes removing and replacing the mold-stricken porous building materials. Other companies use chemicals, blasting, scrubbing or ozone – all of which pose the risk of not just cross-contaminating other areas of the property but are also destructive, tedious, and inconvenient. Our process of dry fogging to remove mold is none of this. Our process is thorough, convenient, natural, fast, affordable, and 100 percent non-destructive. You won’t even need to remove any items or personal belongings from the property while it’s being treated, and we’ll verify that the treatment worked by sending a sample to an independent third-party lab for mold testing to offer you peace of mind.”

Property owners in Northern Virginia and in Washington D.C. who suspect that their properties may have been affected by mold can call on the company for Mold inspection Northern VA. The team has the equipment and the team of experienced mold experts who know what they are doing and are capable of tracking the spread of the problem to ensure that it is dealt with once and for all.

Following the inspection service, the team recommends the next line of action which usually is mold remediation Fairfax VA when molds have been found on the property. With Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C., members of the community stand a better chance to maintain the structural integrity of their properties, boost the health of residents, and also prevent further health complications that can arise from mold infestation.

The mold removal and remediation crew at Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. offer an effective, less laborious, less messy, and non-invasive approach to dealing with mold problems. with the dry fogging technology, property owners can enjoy a demolition-free, two-step patented approach to killing mold spores and protecting the property from further mold damage.

Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. goes above and beyond to make sure that each customer is happy. Contact the mold inspection and remediation experts on the phone at 703-952-3234 or visit them at 6510 Overbrook Street, Falls Church, VA 22043 US. For more information, send an email to info@puremaintenancedc.com or visit their website.

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