P.A.T Receives positive Reviews for New Music Video “Getting Over You” On YouTube

October 13 21:45 2020

October 13, 2020 – Hip Hop artist, P.A.T, has a new single doing rounds in the waves and has received many positive feedbacks from his fans and music enthusiasts. The new single titled Getting Over You is composed over a smooth hip hop beat with deep lyrics. P.A.T’s dedication and talent in the audio of the new song are again evident in the music video which is now hosted on YouTube.

Getting Over You is a soulful track that comes across as a love ballad dealing with a breakup but here’s the catch, it is indeed a relationship but one which P.A.T shares deeply with his music. The track is his love letter to Hip Hop, widely regarded as P.A.T’s first true love.

Speaking about the latest release, P.A.T was reported as saying “Music is all I think about, I hope my fans feel my art, my passion and my love of hip hop in this song. This is my heartbeat. Can you hear it beating?”

“Getting Over You” has been well-received by over 5,000 YouTube viewers. Considering the authenticity of P.A.T’s performance on the track, it is not at all surprising that fans have had to use the replay button often. Using the audio and video of “Getting Over You”, P.A.T bares his heart. The skillful rendition from the artist’s heart explains the despair, doubts, and fears that every artist harbors within themselves as they question their success in the music industry. P.A. T’s emotional despair is established in the very first line of the song What if I never make it, I never see my dream. He wonders whether fame in the music industry may trap him like it has many others. He also revealed fears about the possibility of losing his head to success. Well, with so many positive reviews and new fans on YouTube, P.A.T will no doubt, get the chance to find answers to his worries.

Commenting on YouTube one fan said, Nice dude. this is great. got to it off an ad. I’m on the same trip! KEEP PUSHIN HOMIE!! FREAL!  Another wrote Probably the best of you, while another revealed the song gave him hope to follow his own dreams.

Away from Hip Hop, P.A.T dabbles into Indie Rap and Underground music. His professional career has lasted for almost 3 years now, and in that time he has accumulated what many call “a solid library” with tracks like Seacrhin, Don’t Stop, This Feeling, and The Moment.

P.A.T which stands for Poetic and Talented is the stage name of musician Patrick Barnett and that is proved by his music. P.A.T was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas. He served in the US Air Force as an Airman seeing action in Operation OEF/OIF. His passion for hip-hop was clear for all to see after his debut single Where the Sidewalk Ends became an instant success. Since then, P.A.T has worked with artists from different genres and launched his own recording label, Midnight Society Entertainment which he runs by himself. P.A.T. is also one of the founding members of The Runway Boyz International Flight Club.

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