Amber Teething Necklaces Relieve Pain Naturally and Calm Babies During Teething

October 09 19:36 2020
Amber Teething Necklaces Relieve Pain Naturally and Calm Babies During Teething

October 9, 2020 – Thanks to Baltic Proud’s new innovation, Baby teething will no longer be a harrowing experience for new mothers and their infants with the Amber teething necklaces. The brand’s new invention proving successful in providing pain relief for babies and making teething a sweeter affair. With a working principle that involves aromatherapy that permeates the skin, the Amber necklaces manage to induce safe and nontoxic pain relief for teething babies.

Teething can be traumatic for both moms and babies. It is a time when infants’ teeth cut the gums open during growth. This can be extremely painful. With so much pain to bear, Baltic Proud has gone ahead to write an article about the working principle of the amber necklaces because it understands that parents will be asking “How long does it take for Amber to work?”.

In the past parents will turn to teething rings made from plastic, but not anymore as reports have shown that these products can leak BPA or potentially harmful chemical into a baby’s mouth.

Amber teething necklaces are preferred now. They contain a resin derived from trees, and succinic acid known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibacterial properties. When worn and in contact with a baby’s skin, an amber bracelet necklace becomes activated by body heat and triggers the secretion of the succinic acid in the baby’s body. This permeates the skin and sends healing and anti-inflammatory properties throughout the body. After rigorous tests, it has been found that Amber necklaces and bracelets have no toxic effects.

However, not all Amber is the same. Several factors influence the desired outcome such as the size of beads, comfort level, the type of amber, and how the beads are integrated with the clasp.

For parents who are wondering about the right time to wear an Amber necklace, Baltic Proud has gone ahead to provide an article on that titled “When should a baby wear an amber necklace?” Knowledge about the various typer of Amber necklaces is crucial to achieving desired results.

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