Little Big Horns Continues to Bring the Old-World Charm into The Modern World

October 07 01:15 2020
Since 1988, Little Big Horns has been spreading the joy of antler furniture, knives, sculpture, and art to eminent clients around the country and has received immense recognition for their unique designs.

White Oak, TX – October 06, 2020 – Art and design are extremely subjective and receive polarizing opinions from everybody. What someone might like, others might find absolutely delightful. And this is what makes various forms of art so interesting. Every piece of art is a depiction of an artist’s heart and soul. It is a reflection of their creative inspiration and getting to experience a piece made by an artist brings a certain form of joy that cannot be imitated by anything else. However, rarely does one come across art that’s universally loved and regarded by everybody. And this is exactly where the story of Little Big Horns starts. Little Big Horns is unlike anything that anybody might have come across. Everybody knows them as the ones who make impeccable antler art in the form of antler sculptures, antler knives, antler furniture, and so on. But what makes Little Big Horns truly special? It’s the story of the founder Jeff White, who started this movement of antler art in the form of his very unique style which he calls as Texas Ranch.

Jeff White started Little Big Horns because of his sheer love for antler art which later translated into other forms like antler furniture, antler sculptures, antler knives, antler chandelier, and a lot more. Back in 1988, Little Big Horns was born out of a barn just outside Dallas, Texas where Jeff White spent most of his time recreating various forms of antler art like antler knives, antler furniture, antler chandeliers, antler sconces, candelabras, and more. What inspired him to do this was what he saw on the photos of various stunning European castles. As he continued to spend more and more time in creating antler sculptures, antler knives, etc., he realized that he has developed his own unique style which is now more popularly known as the Texas Ranch style. In no time, his style of antler knives and antler furniture became immensely famous among everybody with demands for his antler art, antler sculptures skyrocketing. The best part of Little Big Horns’ works like antler chandelier is that it managed to capture the ephemeral beauty of European castles and Western ranch in the form of antler art, something that has not been done by any other artist. The timeless beauty and natural elegance of Little Big Horns’ antler knives, antler sculptures, antler lighting, antler fixtures, and more can now be seen all across the United States.

Their antler furniture, antler chandelier, and more are such that they cannot be replicated by any other brand and has become a signature of Little Big Horns. From Ross Perot, to Ted Turner to Don Henley, and many more, Little Big Horns continues to be a favorite among all celebrities. Jeff White has also been invited to build pieces that have been commissioned for Broadway shows, movie studios, and most recently, pieces in The Modern Museum of Art in Mexico City.

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