An Outstanding Performer: Robert Hellgren’s Construction And Real Estate Career

September 26 00:54 2020

From the days of humble beginnings with Borgstaden AB within Greater Stockholm in early 1993 to birthing OLM Holding AB in 2016 amidst other subsidiaries, Robert Hellgren’s long experience in solving challenges in the industry comes in handy.

Fueled with the passion for providing sustainable solutions to construction and real estate constraints, exceeding people’s expectation has become a common thread in Robert Hellgren’s career in the industry.

With a background in history, economic history, business administration, and stock trading with Aros Fondkommission & Montagu Fondkommission, Hellgren is equipped with enough knowledge to thrive in a dynamic industry.

Today, he makes smart house model with low energy and construction cost and with quick building time plan.

In his words, Hellgren said: “Running projects in construction and real estate is something I do easily. It’s easy for others to catch up on and I have several examples of how, through my knowledge, I have driven projects to goals and kept set deadlines and budgets, which is not always the easiest thing in construction. My experience and references on projects extend over 30 years of experience.”

“I have developed a service-minded mindset that is a very natural part of me. The most important thing meeting with the customer is, in my opinion, to quickly establish a relationship, to listen, and be able to make suggestions to the customer based on this.”

“Performing my duties in a professional manner in the construction industry is very important to me. It is important not to remain sedentary in my job. I always want to improve ensure that something is going on, or something is changing for the better.”

Robert Hellgren started Borgstaden AB, a construction firm in 1993 his first major adventure into the construction industry. The firm primary operation centred around construction work within Greater Stockholm and mainly within ROT jobs and contracts. The firm grew tremendously from 1994 to 2008. Further construction innovations birthed Borgstaden Förvaltning (Fastigheter) in 1998, Borgkärnan Holding (Parent Company) in 2001, and Borgstaden Entreprenad in 2003. Between 2008 and 2010, all operations on these firms wound up.

OLM Fastigheter develops latest technology smart homes that provide a solution to housing and Real Estate issues not just in Sweden but around the world. There are a lot of people with bad or no home around the world, and with the OLM Fastigheter housing system, high-quality houses with low energy cost are constructed within a short time and at a lower price.

In 2016, Robert Hellgren birthed OLM Holding AB, a firm primarily focused on building a long-term and sustainable business with a focus on construction and real estate. OLM stands for Robert Hellgren and Pernilla Hellgren’s children Oscar, Ludwig and Mathilda Hellgren.

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