rooftopisdead’s diary – A diary about a virtual crush

May 26 23:21 2020
rooftopisdead's diary - A diary about a virtual crush

“rooftopisdead’s diary” by Clemens Krugler
Clemens Krugler shares a love story of a different kind in “rooftopisdead’s diary”.

In the 21rst century, meeting people through the internet is a rather common occurance. You connect with strangers on social networks and sometimes true friendships and even romance can develop. The world of online games also offers the chance to interact with others. These connections usually last as long as you continue to play the same game. And it was in a game where the author of this book found a very special someone. The other gamer he met was someone he simply could not stop thinking about. The encounter changes his life – but will the two gamers ever meet in real life to find out whether there is a true connection?

The book “rooftopisdead’s diary” by Clemens Krugler is a true diary with entries that haven’t been changed. It is a diary about falling in love with someone else onliney. Every thought has been captured in secret love letters of which most have never been sent. Each page is full of intense emotions and while readers would most certainly like to read the whole book in one go, it is recommened to take it slow and to take some time to think about each diary entry.

“rooftopisdead’s diary” by Clemens Krugler is now available from tredition or can be ordered through retail using ISBN 978-3-7497-7065-6. tredition assists young and unknown authors with publishing their own books, but also cooperates with publishers and publishing houses. tredition publishes books in print and digital formats, distributes locally and online, and actively markets all titles. For more information on this title, click here:

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