‘2020 Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi’an’ – Come and Experience the Most Authentic Chinese Lunar New Year in Shaanxi

January 14 03:06 2020

In the past two years, Xi’an of Shaanxi Province successfully held a series of cultural tourism activities with the theme of “Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional.” This Spring Festival celebration event attracted wide attention from all the world, turning Xi’an into one of the most wanted destinations globally.

Updated from the original version, “2020 Enjoy Chinese Year In Xi’an” theme event will keep carrying forward traditional Chinese culture this year. With culture as the soul and basis, Xi’an will exude a unique charm of cultural innovation, and the “Chinese New Year” series activities will be endowed more profound cultural connotation.

The cultural tourism activities themed on “2020 Enjoy Chinese New Year In Xi’an” has already started and will last till 9th Feb. In the 41 days, Xi’an will hold 46 key activities with nine themes, highlighting the concept of “Year of Culture, Year of Joy, Year of Cuisine” and creating a cultural feast with “International vision” and “Xi’an characteristics.”

Qujiang New District, the leading district of the theme event, has planned more than 100 enjoyable cultural tourism activities in Daming Palace, City Wall, Tang Paradise, and other scenic spots centering on historical culture, custom culture of the Spring Festival and modern culture. Daming Palace will organize outstanding performance teams of suona horn, gong, and Shehuo, to kick off the annual theme event. Meanwhile, the lantern festival of this year will deeply integrate cultural elements and modern techniques. The 33rd Xi’an City Wall Lantern Festival will not only jointly held with Nanjing Qinhuai Lantern Festival and Yu Garden Lantern Festival but also cooperate with Moscow Lantern Festival, bringing a unique Chinese New Year event to tourists home and abroad.

Xi’an, the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, has officially extended a sincere invitation to the world. Xi’an welcomes international tourists to Shaanxi to experience the most authentic Chinese Lunar New Year with the strongest Chinese flavor. The series of cultural tourism activities themed on “2020 Enjoy Chinese New Year in Xi’an” will promote the further internationalization of Shaanxi’s tourism, making the world know Shaanxi better and getting more and more people to fall in love with Shaanxi.

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