Homeowners Make Sure They Are Safe While Staying Warm Through the Winter

January 10 17:45 2020
Homeowners Make Sure They Are Safe While Staying Warm Through the Winter

Carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless, and can be fatal. It’s a gas that occurs when fuel is burned and can be inside homes if proper precautions are not followed. Each year, many people are killed or hospitalized because of CO poisoning. Learn more to help prevent it from happening in your household and to prevent major medical issues or death if it does build up in your home.

Who Is At Risk?

Everyone is at risk for CO poisoning. Children, the elderly, and those who have cardiac or pulmonary diseases are likely to be at a much higher risk for CO poisoning. CO poisoning can occur in just about any home, with 400 people in America dying from exposure each year. Per year, an average of 4,000 people are hospitalized because of carbon monoxide. Those who are concerned with whether they could have a risk of carbon monoxide inside their home may want to visit https://www.scutilityconsumer.com/ to get help today.

Recognizing CO Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is difficult to detect in a home. It works by blocking the ability for the blood to use oxygen, so the body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs to function properly. There are some symptoms, however, that someone may notice before they are severely injured or killed by the CO. This includes a dull headache, nausea, or a feeling of weakness. More severe symptoms can include losing consciousness, being confused, having trouble breathing, and vomiting. The Public Service Commission of South Carolina recommends leaving the house immediately if these symptoms are noticed and CO poisoning is possible, then calling 911 for help.

Tips to Prevent CO Poisoning

CO poisoning is preventable in most cases by taking the proper precautions. Use the following tips to help keep your house safe, especially during the winter months:

  • All appliances that use fuel, such as a gas or oil-fired heating system, should be inspected and serviced by a professional at least once per year. This helps ensure they are working properly to prevent a CO leak.

  • Before lighting a fire for the first time in the winter, have the chimney inspected and cleaned. This ensures it works properly so CO will not build up in the home.

  • A functional carbon monoxide detector can help provide early warning of issues. Test the batteries at least twice per year and replace as needed.

  • Avoid fuel-burning devices indoors – Never use a generator, grill, firepit, or camp stove indoors. Even if the power is out, avoid using any fuel-consuming devices inside as they can cause carbon monoxide to build up inside the home.

  • Open garage door when vehicle is running – If the vehicle is running, even if it’s just to warm it up before leaving in the morning, make sure the garage door is open so CO can exit the garage.

Carbon monoxide can be highly dangerous and is difficult to detect. Using the prevention tips here, however, can help you keep CO from building up inside the home so your family is safe. If you would like to learn more about CO or other safety tips for your home, visit
https://www.scutilityconsumer.com/articles/ today.

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