Considers Relocating Employees to North Carolina with Saussy Burbank

November 14 20:00 2019 Considers Relocating Employees to North Carolina with Saussy Burbank

Several years ago, the owner of our company considered relocation of our office staff to the beautiful area of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our search took in a lot of information that we thought might be helpful to other considering such a move.

Our adventure started and ended on the internet.  With our corporate headquarters in Bloomsburg, PA and our operations office in Twin Falls, ID, our investigation started and ended mostly on the internet.  There are a lot of sites where you browse around here and there to find great information on the Charlotte NC area.  Here’s just a sample of the information we found:

Most of the websites about Charlotte, said that when you go into town you get a real since of the passion people have for making Charlotte one of the best places to live.  The people love their city and they want to keep it’s heritage along with it’s changing culture out front for all to see and enjoy. Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the Southeast U.S., with 100+ people moving into the area daily with plenty of space and an abundance of job opportunities.  Unemployment rate is at 4.9% in 2017 and with a median salary that is greater than the U.S. average, it makes Charlotte an attractive choice for anyone looking for work that pays well.

People moving into the area now how affordable the Queen City is, with median home value significantly less than the national average.  We found some incredible deals in this article from, “Ready to own?”. Many of these homes in the surrounding area of Charlotte have the best of all values, comfort, convenience, and a creative community atmosphere.

When it comes to food and drink, Charlotte is second to none, with its Southern appeal and taste you can find just the right comfort food to make you feel at home.  And the Center City’s nightlife includes a wide variety of restaurants, clubs, pubs, live music, events, entertainment and more. And many of the homes that are available through agencies, such as Saussy Burbank, can put you close enough to the action if that is your wish.  It was something we were look for when looking for some office space.

And if you are looking to experience all four seasons, Charlotte has it all.  Fall colors, mild winters, with fresh snow for ski close at hand. Spring flowers bloom best in Charlotte with mild temperatures and plenty of showers.  Although the summers can get hot, take time to go to the beach with Lake Norman on a 25-minute drive north of Charlotte.

We certainly found Charlotte to be in the top running for our new office location.  It is certainly a city that is easy to fall in love with and to bring your family. Stay tuned to see where our office finds home.

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