Goes Round the Clock with Botpress

November 14 19:54 2019 Goes Round the Clock with Botpress

Marketing is always evolving and the next tech to be aware of are bots.  Companies need to be quick on the trigger to respond to client’s questions and concerns but can’t always afford to have personnel dedicated to answer all the questions … and the same questions.  That’s why it makes perfect sense to consider chatbots.

The struggle that companies have in implementing chatbots is user experience.  If your chatbot lags behind the questions and struggles to formulate appropriate answers based on the question, your customers will avoid it all together.  This is where improvements in artificial intelligence is improving chatbots to be more effective when attempting to pick up context clues from a customer’s questions and then respond accurately.  When it comes to a customer service chatbot, artificial intelligence we play a key role in future development. If you want more information relative to this topic you can check my blog on the topic.

Our team found this article, “3 Ways a Chatbot Can Improve Customer Service” to be very helpful when considering the use of chatbots. It is true that retailers can benefit greatly if day to day they could streamline interactions between customers and products.  Can you imagine having an intelligent chatbot, like those at Botpress, covering your daily questions on an around the clock basis.  The budget savings alone would be reason to consider having a chatbot developed for your company.

We have considered develop chatbots to answer standard client questions related to SEO.  I can’t tell you how many hours a day that I spend answer standard questions related to Google searches, analytics and website structure.  And since we service client’s internationally, it would be helpful that the chatbots can be available when I’m at home tucked in bed. Speaking of international clients, chatbots can also provide answers in the customers native language.  How’s that for effectiveness?

Chatbots are expected to be key platforms for customer service as the roughly 75 million Millennials become more familiar with and adjusted to chatbots.  Many Millennials already say that they feel they get better service from chatbots than they do from humans. And with Millennials spending approximately $600 billion annually, retails are attempting to keep up with the technology trend.  I know we are hoping to take advantage of this quickly growing technology.

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