Orientwalt (HTDF) blockchain application innovation research center was founded

November 12 03:12 2019

On November 9, 2019, the opening ceremony of BBS and Orientwalt(HTDF )block chain application innovation research center, which has attracted great attention from the industry, was held as scheduled in Shenzhen, the city of innovation. The BBS, the peak of blockchain technology innovation, is led by Orientwalt (HTDF) and is strongly supported by the business model research institute of China academy of management (hereinafter referred to as the institute of business research of China academy of management) and experts and scholars from all sectors of the industry.

The 11th National People’s Congress standing committee, and He Keng, the deputy director of the financial business model research institute of China academy of management science, director of the expert committee member Dong Xiusheng, economic state credit application Xiao Liansheng, the deputy director of the centre for the study of the original Chinese business magazine the industry such as the vice President Sun Chongming celebrities have attend the meeting and delivered a fascinating topic to share.

At 13pm, top industry experts and scholars, industry leaders and relevant people from national government departments from all over the world arrived at BBS to jointly celebrate the opening of the blockchain industry event. It is understood that Orientwalt(HTDF) holds the BBS, the peak of blockchain technology innovation, in order to share the experience of blockchain technology innovation and development, and discuss the development prospect and practice of blockchain technology under the current background with the global blockchain industry elites.

In a burst of jubilant drum, opened the curtain of this peak BBS. The guests with the steps of a propaganda film, common Orientwalt (HTDF) are reviewed in the chain of blocks in the field of exploration course, this is also since 2019, global block a epitome of the development of industry chain, to scene from the underlying technology applied to the ground, Orientwalt (HTDF) relies on the strength of technology innovation, constantly deepen the block chain of technological change, accelerate global block chain scenarios practice exploration process.

During the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held recently, President Xi Jinping clearly pointed out that blockchain technology is an important driving force for a new round of technological changes in the Internet field when he presided over the study. This BBS also invited the 11th National People’s Congress standing committee, the deputy director of the financial and economic committee He Keng,on the current economic situation to make a profound analysis, on the block chain technology field development prospects.

Chairman He, said the digital economy is necessarily AI technology, upgrade version of IT technology, the real economy/manufacturing, services, the product of the depth of economic integration, the present stage economic environment, technology and AI (artificial intelligence), 5G Blockchain (chain block), Cloud computing (Cloud computing), Mega data to promote the development of new industrial ecology. As an “Internet database”, blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization and cryptography (security and reliability, data traceability, non-tampering, etc.), which will greatly reduce the credit cost, impact the existing credit system, and reform the international financial system.

In the following roadshow, the business representative of Orientwalt(HTDF )showed the successful cases of the landing application of block chain for the participants, and highlighted the latest landing application product of Orientwalt(HTDF) in the field of Internet of things – Fonedoor intelligent lock. Through the transformation of the bottom layer of blockchain in the existing fields, covering the social system, entertainment games, Internet of things and other fields that highly coincide with People’s Daily life, the mature technical means and decentralized community model are quite bright, worthy of the name of blockchain innovation.

Dong Xiusheng, chairman of the expert committee of business model research institute of Chinese academy of management, also made a topic sharing on BBS – block chain and risk control, which briefly analyzed the risk control of block chain as an emerging technology in multiple development stages such as innovative application. In his sharing, the current blockchain technology is relatively mature, and its risks are mainly reflected in the choice of application scenarios. At the same time, Mr. Dong Xiusheng also showed us the application possibilities of blockchain technology in supply chain, supply chain finance and other fields through three vivid cases, and pointed out the application directions of blockchain technology exploration and enabling.

“Under the leadership of senior leaders of the CPC Central Committee, in the future, China’s blockchain technology will adhere to the Chinese road, combine with Chinese characteristics, and build an innovative credit system in China.” Xiao Liansheng, the former deputy director of the national credit economy application research center, said in sharing the “credit economy and blockchain” were elaborated on the impact of blockchain consensus mechanism on the existing credit economy, and expressed the recognition of Orientwalt (HTDF) public chain. “Block chain technology is the technical support to boost the development of the credit system,” he commented. “HTDF, as a research outpost of block chain, has a special reference significance in the choice of application scenarios, with a huge future value prospect.”

Subsequently, Sun Chongming, the executive vice President of China business magazine, also published the theme of “business model innovation and blockchain application” to share, and analyzed the innovative application of blockchain technology in the current social and economic system in a simple way, which won a burst of applause at the scene, he said, with the Internet as the core of the rapid development of science and technology, a new industry revolution is gaining momentum, block chain as the core technology and independent innovation of the present economic development an important breakthrough, can effectively stimulate the development of the real economy, the combination of virtual economy and real economy, the people’s production and way of life for the future bring revolutionary change.

As a representative of global blockchain technology innovation,Orientwalt (HTDF) has a strong voice in the field of blockchain innovation application. In this peak BBS, HTDF will also be officially authorized by the business research institute of the Chinese academy of management to establish the block chain application innovation research institute of HTDF, to cultivate professional talents for the global block chain field, and continue to promote industrial economic integration with the application innovation of block chain.

The award ceremony was conducted under the chairmanship of chairman He Keng. At the same time, the award was made to the block chain application innovation research center of the institute of business and research of the Chinese academy of management. At the same time, the appointment letter of the deputy director of block chain industry of the institute of business and research of the Chinese academy of management was also issued to Mike Wu, the founder of HTDF. In addition, dong xiusheng, chairman of the expert committee of the institute of business and research, also issued an appointment letter for core members of HTDF, and the deputy director of the research center of block chain application innovation of the institute of business and research, and special researcher of block chain industry of the advisory expert committee of the institute.

In the exploration and practice of landing applications, Orientwalt(HTDF) has successfully broken through multiple application scenarios such as social system, entertainment games and Internet of things, and applied mature systematic transformation logic to effectively solve the problem of landing blockchain applications. With the establishment of Orientwalt(HTDF)block chain application innovation research institute, it is beneficial to change the current situation of imbalance between supply and demand of talents in the block chain industry, which is of fundamental significance to accelerate the large-scale training of global blockchain technical talents.

As President Xi Jinping has said, industrial integrated innovation and integrated application are important goals and directions for the development of blockchain technology. The development of blockchain technology will bring unprecedented changes to our lives. It is believed that the establishment of Orientwalt (HTDF) block chain application innovation research institute can inject more fresh vitality into the block chain industry and promote the sustained and rapid development of the block chain industry.

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