Business Travelers Are Relieved to Have Housing When Away from the Office

November 07 23:33 2019
Business Travelers Are Relieved to Have Housing When Away from the Office

Every business owner needs to find a way to keep employees happy. Time and money have been invested in the individual through training, filling out paperwork, and more. Content employees are more likely to stick around long enough for the business to recoup these expenses. One way to satisfy employees who travel regularly for the company is to invest in corporate housing. Why do employees prefer this option over staying in a hotel?


One reason employees like housing as opposed to staying in a hotel is it feels more like home. They know they have the items they need right at their fingertips and can do things they would do if they weren’t traveling. As a result, the employee is more relaxed and able to accomplish more work. This is of benefit to the company spending the money for housing of this type, so everybody wins in this situation. Furthermore, employee loyalty is likely to increase when this option is offered, which is always good for the company. Great talent can be hard to find, so businesses need to find new ways to keep their best employees happy. Corporate housing is one way to accomplish this goal. Click here for more info.

More Options

Another reason corporate housing is preferred by many employees is there are more options for the worker to select from. For example, an employee may be permitted to bring family members along on a trip when housing is available. The company won’t pay extra for the family to come along, as corporate housing has already been obtained. For some workers, bringing a pet on an extended trip is desirable. With housing options available that now allow for this, companies should consider offering this opportunity to their workers as well. When this is the case, the employee is more willing to go on trips in the future knowing the company will go above and beyond what is expected to ensure their satisfaction while away from home. To learn more about the options available, check out Corporate Housing Associates today.


A company saves money when it chooses to invest in corporate housing as opposed to conventional accommodations. However, employees might find they can save money too. Many organizations provide travelers with a daily allowance for expenses incurred as a result of traveling. When this is a set amount, the employee can choose how the funds are spent. As long as he or she does not go over this amount, any money saved usually stays with the employee. The company is already saving funds by not being forced to review expense accounts and things of that nature. An employee can use these funds wisely and put some away for a rainy day with no fear or guilt associated with doing so. Visit to learn more about accommodations of this type and how they benefit both parties.

Learn more about corporate housing options today and why they are preferred by both employers and employees. Once a company tries this option and discovers how happy the workers are, it will never go back to traditional accommodations again. The cost savings are simply an added bonus when this is the case.

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