Saving Humanity by the famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi published in Singapore

October 16 01:45 2019

In September 2019, Saving Humanity written by the famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi, was published by South Ocean Publishing House of Singapore.

The core idea of this book is, “The continuing development of science and technology will surely soon exterminate mankind, for a period of two or three hundred years, or even in this century.” To save humanity from extinction, we must strictly restrict the development of science and technology.” The book calls on all mankind to be vigilant and united as soon as possible. “To save humanity, we need to rely on ourselves, build a unified society to limit the development of science and technology.”

The author, Mr. Hu Jiaqi, is a famous anthropologist whose works focus on human problems. He has been studying human problems for forty years. He once said, “Not long after I was inadvertently involved in human studies in 1979, I decided that this would be the most important task in my life. Because, with the deepening of research, I am more and more profoundly aware that human beings are facing an extremely serious disaster which is a disaster of extinction where no one has left. There have been comprehensive errors in the direction and mode of development of human society which have fundamentally endangered the overall survival and general well-being of mankind. I have been studying it hard and making appeals all my life.

Mr. Hu Jiaqi throws all his energy into this book. The topic of “saving humanity” has already surpassed the concept of career for the author, more of a responsibility and a mission.

Liu Tingzhao, a well-known publisher, believes that this book is likely to change the course of human history. He commented, “It concerns the survival of everyone, the well-being of every family, the prosperity and decline of every country, and the peace and prosperity of the whole world. This book not only raises questions, but also proposes ways to solve them. The whole book with systematic and rigorous arguments, is highly knowledgeable and readable, and can be regarded as a popular and condensed Encyclopedia with Chinese style.”

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