Highest Rating Waiver App Announces A Perfect Online Waiver Business Solution With A Fast Signup Process & Paperless Storage

October 08 19:40 2018
Waiver Electronic LLC creates the best online waiver service with its waiver app that allows users to convert paper waivers into an electronic waiver and store them in a paperless manner forever.

Managing and storing waivers in the paper form could be a tedious and time consuming task. The challenge is now addressed by a mobile application that allows to convert paper waivers in the electronic format and to store them digitally. The mobile application developed by Waiver Electronic LLC is the highest rated waiver mobile app in the app store and is the most secure option to manage and store liability waivers for a number of users who already installed this application.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their online waiver app is available in both Android and iOS OS, and one can install it onto their smartphones for a smart and paperless waiver storage solution in a few minutes. The spokesperson reveals that more than 100 million digital waivers already have been signed with them and this number is expected to grow exponentially with time. With this quick, paperless and secure waiver signup process, the businesses can more efficiently and timely use their liability waivers now. The smartly designed mobile application allows users to collect waivers on smartphones, tablets, computer browsers and by QR codes as well. The spokesperson states that one can now keep collecting waivers without any internet connection as well, using their application.

The spokesperson states that their electronic waiver application could be suitable for a wide range of businesses, such as RV rentals and RV parks, playgrounds for kids, tattoo & piercing business, vape and smoking dispensaries, gym, fitness and yoga centers, spa and beauty salons, events and festivals and so on. The mobile app has been designed with several unique features that help it stand out from other such mobile waiver apps. For example, the app is easy to download and to be set up as a kiosk. One can collect waivers even when there is no internet. The user needs to turn on the airplane mode of the device and can store waivers locally. As soon as the internet connection is restored, one can upload the locally stored waivers without any trouble.

The waiver app also allows to attach photos to the signed waivers by just scanning the QR codes of the waivers. Moreover, users can also customize their splash page on the app by adding their logo and choosing from different types of backgrounds. The app also allows users to choose and create a waiver list for a quick and organized access to all waivers. According to the spokesperson, they provide a simple waiver creating tool for users to convert paper waivers into the digital format. If anyone finds it difficult to convert the waiver, they can email it to the company, and they will convert it for free of cost.

To know more about this mobile app and in order to download it for a free trial, one can visit the website https://www.waiverelectronic.com.

About Waiver Electronic LLC

Waiver Electronic LLC is the best online waiver service that allows streamlining waiver collecting and storage business with their feature-rich electronic waiver application. In just a few minutes, one can convert their existing paper waiver into an electronic waiver and get rid of paper stacks forever using the application.

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